UPC/EAN/ASIN Amazon Buy Box Price Exporter

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Amazon Price Exporter Features

  • Export product titles and categories
  • Get email updates on buy box pricing changes for up to 10 ASINs
  • Export number of sellers per ASIN
  • Convert EAN or UPC numbers to ASINs
  • Track and export Amazon buy box prices
  • Track Amazon sales rank 
  • Process thousands of items at once

This inexpensive option for tracking prices on Amazon will allow you to track the prices products, right from within a Google sheet. As this tool is based in a Google sheet, you can easily export and import data from excel or other spreadsheets by simply pasting your barcodes in the appropriate column.

And, if you don't yet have ASINs for the items you wish to track, this tool will export Amazon prices with UPC codes or EAN numbers,  meaning you can do all of your price tracking within one tool. This tool can also help those looking to enforce their Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) by keeping tabs on products and sending notifications if they drop to a certain price.

How to use the Price Tracker

To give you an idea of the workflow of the app, here's a quick run down of how to use it:

  1. Paste your EAN or UPC numbers in the first column (if you have ASIN numbers already, you can skip to step 3) 
  2. Use the "Generate Amazon Data" menu option to convert ASINs from your respective barcode.
  3. Once you have all of your ASINs generated, you can now click to Get Buy Box Price. This will generate the current buy box price of the respective ASIN.
  4. Last, if you want to generate the sales rank of each item, click the option to generate sales rank.
  5. If you wish to update the prices or sales rank in the future, simply use update menu to update the field you wish.

Configuring Email Updates

This tool lets you get email updates on Buy Box price changes for up to 10 ASINs, here's how:

  1. Mark an 'x' next to each item you wish to track in the "Track Price" column
  2. Select the "Email Price Alerts" menu item to open the email update wizard
  3. In the menu bar that appears, select the type of update you wish to receive (Any change, Price amount change or percentage change)
  4. If you've entered "Amount Change" or "Percentage Change" you'll then be asked to specify the amount
  5. Enter your email and click "Start Price Alerts"
  6. To stop receiving email alerts, click on "Stop Price Alerts"

Amazon Buy Box Tracker EULA