Bulk EAN to ASIN Converter
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EAN to ASIN Bulk Converter

***API keys not included***

The Mass EAN to ASIN Converter is a robust Google Apps Script Sheet that connects to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to directly convert your EAN barcode numbers to ASIN numbers. By default, it will convert as many ASINs as you need and place them right beside the corresponding EAN number. Simply paste your EAN numbers in the first column and ASIN numbers will generate in the next column.

Furthermore, this tool converters backwards as well and will take ASIN codes and convert them into their equivalent EAN barcodes.

Why convert EAN barcodes to ASINS?

If you want to sell products with EANs (European Article Number) on Amazon, you might want to know if your prices will be competitive. The quickest way to do this is by directly converting your EAN numbers to the corresponding ASIN and then directly looking up the price. Furthermore, if you use an EAN number to upload a product, it can sometimes go faster since Amazon will autopopulate the product based on specs already uploaded. 

How is this possible?

Amazon wants to be able to provide comparison shopping on this site. To do this, it groups together products that it thinks are the same and puts them under a single ASIN. You can think of an ASIN as an Amazon proprietary SKU. They only exist on Amazon and Amazon affiliate sites, but they attempt to standardize and avoid duplicate products. Since all sellers who sell the same product on Amazon have to use the same ASIN, it makes it easy for shoppers to purchase from the seller who is offering the lowest price. To go even further with this, Amazon gives higher rank to sellers who have the lowest price on a certain ASIN. 

So if you use this tool to generate the ASINs for your products, you can check to see if your product will be the one with the lowest price, thus giving you a higher chance to rank on the first page of Amazon search results. This, in turn, will increase the chance of selling more.