Bulk UPC to ASIN Converter
$29 USD

Barcode Converter Features

  • Quickly process thousands of barcodes at a time
  • Convert from UPC to ASIN
  • Convert from ASIN to UPC

***API keys not included***

The UPC to ASIN bulk lookup tool will convert your UPC codes to their corresponding ASIN numbers found on Amazon. And, by default, the tool will convert tens of thousands of barcodes. To convert your UPC codes to ASINs using this tool, simply write or paste the UPC codes you wish to lookup and the converter will automatically populate the next column with their corresponding ASINs. As well, you can use this tool perform a reverse lookup to convert ASINs to UPCs

Why Convert UPCs to ASINs?

Amazon prides itself on giving customers the lowest price possible for every possible item. As such, Amazon only promotes the buy-box to sellers who can offer the lowest price on any given item. So how does Amazon ensure that all sellers are sharing the item listing instead of uploading duplicate products? The ASIN. The ASIN may be roughly described as an Amazon proprietary SKU. If a unique item is uploaded for the first time, it is given a new ASIN. However, if a new seller comes along to sell the same product as another seller, that new seller will sell his product under the same ASIN as the previous seller. It is in this way that Amazon can keep track of all the historical and competitive pricing of any given product. By doing so, Amazon incentivizes sellers to offer their lowest price possible. Sellers who win the buy-box (the prize for having the lowest price for an ASIN), sell their items at a much higher rate than those who don't.

So being able to convert your UPC codes to ASINs gives you two main advantages. You can:

  1. Get a feel for the competition: If you have a list of prospective UPC codes you can them convert them to ASINs to see where or if you can offer the lowest price on any given item. If you find that you aren't able to offer the lowest price, it's probably best to skip that item unless you know you'll eventually have exclusive access to that item
  2. Upload products faster: If you already have the ASIN ready for the products you have in your warehouse, you can get your inventory live on Amazon much quicker than creating a new product. For many categories, you'll simply become listed as another seller for an existing ASIN.

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