Bulk Amazon ASIN Exporter
$39 USD

Currently only available for Amazon US Locale (UK coming soon!).

Amazon Bulk ASIN Export Tool

The Bulk Amazon ASIN Exporter is a powerful tool which exports Amazon ASIN numbers by directly connecting to the Amazon Advertising API right from within a Google Sheet. Using a simply query made directly within the tool (made easy with advanced search fields), you can export up to 100 ASINs per search. This tool also lets you perform an unlimited number of searches without paying a monthly fee. Furthermore, by gathering its information directly from Amazon, this tool ensures that all information exported is completely accurate.

Amazon ASIN Exporter Features

  • Perform unlimited searches without monthly fee
  • Search by brand, keyword and category
  • Sort by salesrank, price, name and relevance
  • Export up to 100 ASINs per search

Need to export Amazon ASINs?

If you want to quickly learn about a potential market or product category on Amazon or are looking to resell Amazon products on another marketplace such as eBay, quickly exporting ASINs can help you quickly get product information on a large variety of items. Using the sort options, you can use this tool to quickly see which products are top sellers for a given keyword or category. Not to mention, the spreadsheet format makes it extremely easy to both manipulate the exported information and use the information with other tools.