How to get the Most Followers & Follow Backs on Instagram

It goes without saying that having an active and engaged Instagram following is essential for those in many verticals. Yet, growing Instagram accounts organically is often discouragingly slow. And, while Instagram has offered a self-serve advertising system for a while now, it is often not the most efficient way of getting targeted users to follow your account - not to mention the price can be quite prohibitive for many marketers and owners of small accounts. 

As a result, people tend to gravitate towards the "follow back" strategy. And, while it isn't exactly revolutionary, following users is a reliable tactic that has long been used on multiple social media platforms to increase the number of followers on a given account. Yet, that's not to say that it's without drawbacks: first, it can take a lot of time to perform. Following and unfollowing hundreds of users is tedious and time-consuming if you aren't automating it. Second, the level of engagement can be quite low. However, with the right strategy, both of these drawbacks can be negated. This article will, step-by-step, outline a follow back strategy that will let you efficiently generate at least 1 follower for every 10 follows. 

How to get the Most Follow Back on Instagram

This guide will outline an easy strategy to pick users who will be most likely to follow you back. It is predicated on the fact that many Instagram users follow plenty of users to get followers themselves. Our strategy will use the work they've already done to bootstrap our follow campaign. It makes it so that each follow you perform much more targeted with a higher chance of receiving a follow back.

Search for Instagrammers in Your Niche

To ensure that we have high engagement on the followers that we generate, we will need to first use the search function to find other Instagrammers in our niche. For instance, if your niche is analog photography, use something like #35mm or #analogphotography. However, be sure to look through accounts in "Most Recent" instead of "Most Popular" as they'll be more likely to be the type of account we want to use.

Find a User with a Much Higher Following Count than Followers

As stated previously, this strategy uses the work that other Instagrammers have done following others to cherry pick accounts that have a high likelihood of following back. For instance, if you stumble across an account that follows 5000 users, but has 1000 followers, you know, then, that most of the 1000 followers of that account have been generated by the 5000 users that have been mass followed. Furthermore, because you know that the 1000 followers have been generated by mass following, you can be sure that they'll likely be receptive to you doing the same. This is why this strategy works so well. Keep in mind, for the strategy to work, you don't necessarily need to find an account with a 5:1 following to follower ratio, but, at minimum, try to find one with a 3:1 ratio. Check out the example below for reference on an ideal account for this strategy.


Follow the Target Account's Followers

Once you find an account with a good following/follower ratio and that's in your niche, proceed to follow that account's followers. However, don't follow more than 300 per day. If you do so often, Instagram may blacklist your account for spamming. However, within minutes you'll likely start seeing the follow backs and likes coming in on your end.

Using this Strategy Over Time

After a while of doing this strategy without unfollowing, you'll reach a dead end at 7500 followers, which is the maximum permitted amount of followers an account may have. The best way to get around this is to keep track of the accounts you been using to harvest followers. After a couple days, you can go back and easily unfollow those who you've just followed as it'll be unlikely that others in that list will follow you in the future.

Automating this Strategy and Going Beyond Instagram

There are quite a few apps that allow you to automatically follow and unfollow people on your behalf. One of my favorite tools for this task is called Followliker. It is a pretty simple desktop app that allows you to schedule when it runs, use proxies and follow multiple accounts at once. Of course, you'll need to use this strategy to set it up, however, it takes away the boring tasks of following and unfollowing. 

That all being said, the guide above should be simple enough for anyone to get the most followers and follow back on Instagram. It might even sound too simple, however it is a great strategy that nets instant and lasting results. Furthermore, it should be noted that this strategy will work for any other social media site that works with a following system, such as Twitter.