Wordpress Review Post Generator with Amazon Affiliate Links

If you're using Wordpress to run an Amazon review site, you'll know how much tedious work is involved for either you or your VA to get even one post up. There are countless steps to follow to make sure your reviews are SEO friendly and even more to just even find the items to review. To save on time and resources for myself, I've created an automated sheet to generate SEO optimized HTML code for your Amazon reviews in minutes. This generator will do almost everything required except for the actual review writing. I'm sharing it with you for $39. It will auto generate your Amazon affiliate links and place them in 3 different locations for each product review. It also includes the alt tags and images for each of the products. Once purchased, you'll receive a share code to your dedicated Wordpress HTML Generator in Google Sheets.

How it works

The first step in writing your review post is to actually get products that you want to review. As you may know, this process is actually quite boring and long. You normally have to find 10 or more products on Amazon, generate and copy your affiliate links in a spreadsheet and pull product information from them to start your review. This Google sheet automates that entire process. Using this sheet, all you need to do is enter the keywords of the type of items you want to review, how many results you want to generate and your affiliate tracking code. However keep in mind, this is intended only for those who are reviewing products for the Amazon affiliates program. Once you've entered all of the information required, the sheet then generates affiliate links for the parameters you specified. Above, I've used the keywords "flying drone" to pull 14 flying drones from Amazon, along with the test affiliate code. After pulling the products, this sheet then starts filling up the reviews with content.

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The sheet also grabs the price of each of the items to include them as a caption for the product image. Finally the sheet combines your review, your images and includes SEO optimized HTML code to generate the Wordpress Amazon reviews.

How to use the generator

Once you boot up the sheet, you'll only have to complete 3 steps before having fully usable HTML code for your Wordpress review site or post:

  1. Enter the keywords of your product, the amount of results you want and your amazon affiliate tag
  2. Write your reviews, paste your image links and write your image alt text. I've displayed the scraped product title to help you write unique alt text for your images.
  3. Paste your newly generated HTML code in your review post

So it's pretty easy.  If you think that this HTML generator will save you some time creating your reviews, hit the link below to purchase your copy for $39.

Note: for best image results, it is important to resize your product images to be 450 pixels wide. You can do this easily by putting all of your product images in one folder and using the program smallimage to resize all of the images quickly. This will ensure that your images in your Wordpress post are not distorted. 

What your reviews will look like

Reviews generated by this sheet will include the following: 

  • H3 Title with embedded affiliate link
  • Product image with embedded affiliate link
  • Image caption with price, name and embedded affiliate link
  • Product review content

You can have a look at the image below to see what the finished product will look like using the generator:

This tool will give you back the time necessary to write complete and well written Wordpress review posts and less time manually scraping information and optimizing your reviews for SEO. If you using Wordpress to run Amazon Affiliate review posts, you'll definitely be able to use this write write longer, better articles and make more money.

Get the Wordpress Review Generator for a one-time purchase of $39