Marketing Automation (or how to get thousands of followers without even trying)

The question isn't anymore about the message, but instead, how to get the message out to as many people as possible. And to do that for next to no budget. This is the direction digital marketing is taking. And this is what drives quick growth. Automation is exactly a solution to this. It lets a single person do the work of an entire team. Your traditional marketing messages mean nothing if no one can read them.

Take social.

If you're not already automating at least some of your social tasks, you're missing on a goldmine. Content marketing, social media marketing and community management require a lot of time. If you're trying to get fast traction on a new social account, you'll find yourself doing a lot of manual liking, commenting, posting, finding content and following.

Many clever programmers have already created the tools to bypass the menial tasks involved with this. Apps like Follow liker or TweetAdder have been developed to do just that. They follow, comment and like for you.

You can set a Follow Liker account to run by itself, 24/7, running all of the social tasks you would have never had the time to do. Of course, this is against terms of service, but if you aren't too aggressive you can start seeing your follow base grow on a huge number of social sites.

Content creation can be largely automated now, too, thanks to, a website thats whole purpose is to automate tasks on a huge number of web services and social media sites. Just for an example, you can get IFTTT to autopost any new link to from particular subreddit to your tumblr blog. You can automate your instagram and have each post sent your twitter or Facebook page. IFTTT automation can be extremely powerful. Oh, and it's free.

Just with these two tools you can automate an entire social media account, from finding content, to posting and growing. And it's easy to scale too. Imagine creating many dozens of automated social accounts linking to your page and never having to touch them after setting them up.

So get creative.

Start automating.