4 Easy Ways to Build an Email List

Email newsletters are one of the best ways out there to sell your product online, get pageviews and promote whatever it is you want to promote. People are much more engaged with them than other other social media and you'll have some of your highest conversion rates from them. Problem is, you don't have a list to send to.

Read on to learn some of the ways you can grow your list to a healthy size. These are pretty easy methods than can get your list started, but be sure to note that these are in no way comprehensive, but these are some of the first things you should try when trying to build your email list.

1. Make your Sign-Up box REALLY visible. Obviously, if people can't see where to sign up, they won't. But, you'll have to go further than simply putting a sign up box on the page. You're going to want to put it on every page. And, if you want to get the most subscribers, you'll have to put that lonely looking email signup box as high as you can on the page and stick a big button next to it, with a nice juicy call to action that screams:


Be sure to tell people what they'll be receiving once they sign up. And be honest, too. If they will be getting emails everyday with new promotions, let them know. This is their email inbox and it's personal to them. If they don't get what they expect, they'll just unsubscribe. Plus, you're not going to want to get people who are going to make spam complaints, because that can get you blacklisted. Seriously. So, just be honest, eh? The best thing is to have a list of subscribers who are engaged and who want to hear from you.

2. Do a Giveaway. If you can afford to give something away in exchange for an email sign up, do it. If you're selling sneakers, do a contest for a free pair of sneakers. And make it easy for the customers to sign up. This works best with tangible items.

If your budget is limited, you can give away copies of e-books in exchange for email addresses. This, while not as enticing as giving away something tangible, can still grow your email list.

If you want to go further with this strategy, post the contest on Facebook using the contest tool and advertise it to the demographic who you think will be the most interested in your contest. Figure out how much each email subscriber is worth to you (or how much the average subscriber will spend) and make sure your CPA is at a level you think is most fair to this amount. Some companies will spend as much as $5 per subscriber.

3. Advertise it. With Google AdWords, you can now add a subscribe form to your ads. Depending on your position, you can add an extension to your ads which adds a form that can allow people to sign up for your email list directly in Google Search.

4. Use Social Media. If you're using MailChimp to manage your newsletters (which I highly recommend you do), you can add a MailChimp extension right to your Facebook page and users will see your signup page as a tab at the top of your Facebook page. This way, whoever visits your Facebook page will see a signup form for your email list.

If you're feeling clever, you can use social media sites in conjunction with contests to link to your sign up form. This is a great and cost effective way to get the most out of your followers. For instance, create a giveaway on twitter and post a link to your sign up page as a contest entry barrier.

With all these tips in mind, be sure to keep your list healthy. Try to use a double opt in signup that will send a confirmation email to your subscribers to make sure that they really want to hear from you. By doing this, you'll have a more engaged and profitable email list. It's also a great way to make sure you won't be getting as many complaints from people who think that you're spamming them.