Amazon Affiliate Link & Image Exporter

$79 USD

Currently only available for Amazon US Locale (UK coming soon!).

Amazon Bulk ASIN Export Tool

The Bulk Amazon Affiliate Link & Image Exporter is the fastest way to get multiple affiliate links out on your website at once. Using the tool you can quickly use the Amazon API to accurately search and export Amazon products and automatically render HTML code to paste them directly as affiliate links on your website. If you are writing review posts on Wordpress, the tool also lets you paste reviews to automate the entire process of pasting image links and affiliate links into your posts. The tool even exports the buy box price for each item so you can put the best deal for the product on your website with no hassle. 

When using the Wordpress Review Export Feature, the tool instantly exports SEO optimized reviews for each product in your export list. How does it work? Simply write or paste your product reviews in the appropriate column, paste your Wordpress image links, write your alt-tags and click Generate. It's that easy. The tool then generates the necessary HTML to make the reviews look great while being SEO optimized. All you need to do is copy and paste to your review post. 


  • Export up to 50 products using the Amazon API per search
  • Generate Affiliate links
  • Export Buy Box Price
  • Generate Affiliate Image Links (HTML code auto-generates)
  • Generate SEO Optimized HTML Review Markup (Includes H3 Titles, alt-tags, review contents and product photos)
  • Sort by sales rank and price
  • Search by category